About The Project


Our goal is to see that there are so many books around the world to make other children smile.

Help us, for free, to run more books for children possible, sticking the label that tells our story, so we will all smile a little more.

In this way we could all see how many turns each book takes in the world and where our story has arrived and we will understand that, in all those places, there is someone who thinks of us and smiles with us, because every smile will color our rainbow and the world!

“A rainbow full of books” has a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram page in which to collect and report books and rainbow-points and related initiatives.

The initial network, made up of relatives, friends and acquaintances, has surprisingly expanded in a few days and has seen the involvement of libraries, schools and associations.

This project, in addition to representing a small, great memory of Sara, aims to promote freeness and culture towards others, trust in the meeting and in human relationships, care of the community, attention to the stories of people and books.