Finally the pandemic, which has affected the whole world, is under control and people have started to travel again, as well as our books. To celebrate this rebirth, we decided to expand our communication channels and from today: Monday, July 25 we will be on TikTok. Search for us as libriarcobaleno or use the following link:

Today we are talking about a novelty. Thanks to dad Fiorenzo and the availability of Toolbox, in Turin we have the first Rainbow Point with books for the older ones. Always this will be a good way to read

Hi, also this year we celebrated Sara's birthday...5 years. Hugs, smiles, love and children was what we wanted. Thanks to you who make us survive with your love and our    RAINBOW Project    

Hello everyone, it's been a while since we've heard from each other, but we continue to spread the books and the  RAINBOW Project even during these holidays. For this reason we wanted to show you the blog of SERENA GIULIANO who discovered us thanks to one of our labels left to Leolandia Park A big hug to all and happy reading......

In Trieste there is a free and rebellious LIBRARY  where the book can not be bought or sold. Thanks to Giorgio Cescutti and Michela Viscovich, who have decided to dedicate the part of the children's books to Sara and the  RAIMBOW Project , we are also present in the beautiful TRIESTE.

We never imagined to use one of our posts, on this webpage, to express our outrage, but but he did! We realized that the tomb of little Sara was "stripped" by the gifts that Irene brought her, since she was in the cemetery of Venaria. Anger and sadness will be our new fuel to push the "Un Arcobaleno Di Libri" project even further. We owe it to Irene, to Sara and also to us. With the hope that to divulge books, in addition to our project, better so many darkened brains.

Monday morning, at the Kindergarten and the Day Care "Il Canguro", Via Paolo Braccini, 75 in Turin, 2 new RAIMBOW POINTS  will be opened. Thanks to the super active Director: Dr. Pasquale Salerno and the amazing teachers who work with children. We invite children and parents to take part of the event and bring a children's book to be left in the points, and to make a purchase for others. Because from every book you can raise a new RAINBOW.

On Sunday, at 5 pm, at the Circolo B-Locale, Via Bari 22 in Turin, he project "Un Arcobaleno di Libri" will be presented. It is a group of parents who try to create bookcrossing points by spreading books for children. We invite children, mothers and fathers to participate and bring a book for children to leave at the "B-locale", where a new Rainbow point will be born where to leave and take books. Snack and games for everyone, then the actress  Laura Righi  will read a story accompanied by Adriano De Micco. Because from a tragedy many joyful little flowers can be born and grow.  

Today is Sara's birthday. She would have turned 3 years, would have started the kindergarten, would have removed the diaper and she would have continued to give smiles .... no wait ... she gives the smiles to everyone, every day. Thanks to you, who have accompanied us in this absurd year, supporting us and giving us so much love by believing in this idea.

A year ago the " TREE OF BOOKS" was born and today, the books of Sara and Irene, have already come a long way. For the occasion we decided to share, with you, the moments of this love and this literary journey. Thank you all for the likes, for having made "A RAINBOW OF BOOKS" everywhere in the world (Italy, USA, Romania, England, Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico and dozens of other places). Thank you for the books you gave us, thanks to your children who have painted the Rainbow boxes with us, thanks for the hugs and word of mouth, thanks for everything.

We participate in the initiative of Poirino Le Parole di Lulù" the association created by Niccolò Fabi and his wife, after the death of their little girl. And today we are still here with a lots of wood boxes to paint, thousands of labels coming, hundreds of books to donate only to travel together with Sara's smile and the hope of Irene.

Cascina Brero 1

OPENING OF A NEW RAINBOW SPOT hosted by Cascina Brero within the Mandria park Arnica is an organization active in science communication as well as environmental design and education. It operates services and consulting around the promotion and knowledge of the environment. It also creates projects and educational activities with school of all levels, museums and visitor centres of natural reserves.

Centro ASAI3

OPENING OF A NEW RAINBOW SPOT at Associazione Asai. Asai is a charity that promotes cultural and educational initiatives among children, youth and adults in multiple spots in the city. It works especially in the “difficult” neighbourhoods and it especially addresses minors and families that are at risk of marginalization.


OPENING OF A NEW RAINBOW SPOT at Asl TO3 at the functional rehabilitation centre. From today, children that attend speech therapy or physiotherapy can find books and smiles.

Abele Lavoro 1

OPENING OF A NEW RAINBOW SPOT at Consorzio Abele Lavoro

In a space that facilitates people who have suffered marginalization to find work and promotes social inclusion, there  is now a corner full of books for everyone.

In Venaria Reale  there is an important community initiative about sport: “Una Corsa da Re” (A king’s run). Irene, mom, dad and other relatives and friends will take part in the race. Most will run the 4k and two who are better trained will attempt the 10k. All will be running with a shirt that commemorates Sara and brings some Sun and Rainbows.



Today Sara would have celebrated her second Birthday. The project, A Rainbow Full of Books, was born especially to spread everywhere some of the colours that Sara’s smile could disperse.

And so, today, in a park in Venaria Reale (Turin, Italy), the project really begins. We paint the fruit crates that represent the first Rainbow Spots. We stick labels on the many books that have already been donated. We create a “tree of books” hanging wood boxes (closed for protection) full of books from the branches of a tree.



Irene thinks about how to explain in words the project she had imagined. Then, with mom and dad she creates the first label!